Brazier Mobility are the Australian distributor for Mobility Networks Group Lifters, South Australian agents for Ricon Mobility products and approved installer for Braun Lifters.  

With these leading brands of products we are able to provide the most suitable equipment for your needs.

The Ricon “Clearway” Wheelchair lifter gives new meaning to the term accessibility as it allows complete access to your vehicle when in the stowed position. Simply push the button on the pendant and the fully automatic split platform folds up out of the way, leaving the doorway clear.

The Ricon “KlearVue” is the most unique lifter on the market today.  Based on Ricon’s proven, time tested S-Series technology, the KlearVue provides an unobstructed view from within the vehicle.  Outside the KlearVue is virtually unseen because of the unique folding platform design.  Drivers appreciate the added safety benefit of minimised “blind spots” whilst passengers enjoy the unobstructed views that the KlearVue offers.



Mobility Networks Group provide an extensive range of Underfloor Wheelchair lifters which are easy to operate and provide safety and reliability to users.    When not in use and in the stowed position the lifter is stored inside a “cassette” that sits under the floor of the vehicle.


Mobility Networks Group Under Floor Lifters Feature:

  • Automatic Electrical isolation,

  • No change to fuel tanks required

  • Improved sealing of stowage cassette from rain and road grime,

  • Steel Hand rails for greater safety whilst loading & unloading and

  • high quality powder coated components for greater durability.


The new Smart Lifter LM from Brazier Mobility (Formally named the Mini-Hoist) comes in 40kg and 80kg lift capacity models.

It’s designed to lift manual wheelchairs, including those with power packs and lightweight scooters. It can be fitted to most hatchbacks,  MPVs and 4x4s. The Smart Lifter LM is extremely versatile and lifts wheelchairs and scooters complete, dependent on the vehicle. Take apart or folding version available.


  • Lifting capacity of up to 80kg

  • Lifts & Loads in 60 seconds

  • Easy to use

  • Lifts all types of mini scooters and wheelchairs

  • Manufactured in the UK

  • Over 300 vehicle specific installation kits

  • Transfer easily to your next vehicle


Formally named The Olympian, the new and improved Smart Lifter LP hoist from Brazier Mobility is available in 125kg, 150kg & 200kg weight capacity models.

It’s designed to lift larger (wider, longer, heavier) scooters, wheelchairs and owner chairs better and easier than ever before.


  • Lifting capacity of up to 200kg

  • Lifts & Loads in 60 seconds

  • Easy to use

  • Lifts all types of scooters and powerchairs

  • Robust & versatile construction

  • Over 300 vehicle speciic installation kits

  • Transfer easily to your next vehicle


Thanks to its advanced engineering and superb design, the new and improved Smart Lifter LC from Brazier Mobility (formally known as the Compact) can now lift mini scooters and wheelchairs weighing up to 100kg into a wider range of vehicles.

The innovative quick release spreader bar enables you to lift and load multiple wheelchairs or scooters, safely and easily.



  • Lifting capacity of up to 80kg

  • Lifts & Loads in 60 seconds

  • Simple and easy to operate

  • Highly adjustable to suit a wide range of vehicles

  • Lift multiple scooters or wheelchairs safely and easily

  • Removable spreader bar for better rear visibility

  • Slimline, low-profile design


The Abiloader is a state of the art, Computer free, Automatic manipulator/robotic arm.

With the flick of a switch, the tailgate opens and within 25 seconds the Wheelchair is at the driver’s door, flick the switch again and whilst you complete your transfer into your Wheelchair the Abiloader returns to the stowed position in the rear of your vehicle and closes the tailgate.

Designed to be used in vehicles with high rear tailgates such as Station wagons, Mini vans, SUV’s and 4WD’s.   When stowed the unit uses very little space along the vehicles axis and is mounted in the Drivers side rear position allowing the remaining space to be used for its original purpose.

There are 2 versions available one for folding (collapsible) framed Wheelchairs and the other for fixed (rigid) framed Wheelchairs weighing no more than 28kgs.


  • Designed to meet the safety challenges of a mobility challenged driver’s needs

  • Smart, Simple and Effective

  • Speeds up leaving and entering your vehicle

  • Saves wear and tear on your shoulders and arms

  • Keeps the interior of the your vehicle for passengers

  • Environmentally friendly – does not increase fuel consumption (unlike roof loaders)

  • Discrete, your vehicle is not conspicuous

  • No height problem with garage doors or multi storey car parks

  • Manual operation in emergency situations.


The Wymo Roof hoist is a roof mounted electric hoist that is secured to the vehicles roof racks and electrically lifts the Wheelchair up onto the roof and stows it there while you drive to your destination. There is no lifting required and thus reduces the strain to your arms and shoulders.  

Other roof hoist brands include the Braun Roof Topper.


Brazier Mobility have a wide range of Aluminium folding Ramps that can be taken out of your car or can whenever you need.


Movia Access Ramps are a simple, light and portable manual ramp that connects to your vehicle using just 4 wing nuts. Removal is simple as the ramps themselves weigh only 30-35kg each and can be carried by hand.

The Movia Access Ramp can also rotate by removing the wing-nuts, rotating the ramp platform and returning the wing-nuts in secondary points. This feature improves rear vision and permits better access to the vehicle. Rotation can be to the left or right.


Movia Access Ramps come fitted with two quick release fasteners to avoid inadvertent opening. The two gas struts and side handles make for smooth effortless opening/closing and side mounted lights provide extra visibility for night use. Features of these Ramps are endless, with the option of automatic operation for opening/closing.

Movia Access Ramps are available with the following specifications:

  • Segmented into 2 or 3 parts

  • Lengths from 1.4m to 3.9m

  • Widths from 58cm to 120cm

  • Swivel base


Decpac ramps are an effective combination of “High tech” light weight materials combined with a simple design that is easy to carry and deploy in seconds.  Resulting in a unique aid to greater mobility.

There are a number of designs available within the range so there is bound to be one to suit your needs.  All ramps have a safe working load of 300kg and a simple concertina folding action enables the Decpac ramp to be deployed in seconds.

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